TUF 26 Finale: Fight by Fight Preview

ROXANNE MODAFFERI VS NICCO MONTANOWhat a Cinderella story it will be for either Roxanne Modafferi or Nicco Montano to walk away with the UFC women’s flyweight title in tonight’s main event. Modafferi as the beloved vet who finally has her chance to pick up UFC gold after a twist of fate landed her in this fight, and Montano as the underdog who fought the odds all season long to get here after she was pondering hanging up the gloves. Of course, they have to fight first, and Modafferi has to enter the bout as the favorite, but Montano has been taking down favorites from the start, so … Read the Full Article Here
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Montano unfazed by the potential target on her back

From the 14th seed to a world championship fight, Nicco Montano has surprised a lot of people on her way to tonight’s Ultimate Fighter main event against Roxanne Modafferi. Including herself.“Oh yeah, one hundred percent,” she laughs. “But I kept faking it until I made it. After a couple days of practice with my teammates, I was like, well, I deserve to be here and I can fight like the rest of them with the other 15 best girls in the world. And I believed it.”
Unheralded and virtually unknown before she was selected to compete in the tournament that would determi … Read the Full Article Here
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X-Ray: Coaches give their thoughts on Holloway-Aldo

If you ask a group of people to analyze the first bout between Max Holloway and Jose Aldo that took place at UFC 212 in June, the evaluation would basically be the same: the Brazilian won the first round, the second was closer and the knockout came in the third.But what do the athletes’ coaches think about the first encounters between their pupils? I talked to Andre Pederneiras and Ivan Flores to find that out, and also what their thoughts are on the rematch, which takes place this Saturday at UFC 218.“The first two rounds, Aldo won,” said “Dede,” the Brazilian&rs … Read the Full Article Here
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A confident Ngannou makes prediction for Overeem

The world looks upon Francis Ngannou in awe. His superhero muscles and freight train speed and power has combined to create a level of hype in the heavyweight division maybe never seen before.
But Ngannou speaks about his skills and his 5-0 UFC record (four knockouts and one submission) as just a matter of fact. The hype is “The Predator’s” reality and he remains unfazed by the attention, expectations or pressure.
Walking the halls of the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas the past seven months, Ngannou has made his home in the desert after years spent developing his cr … Read the Full Article Here
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En hockeysaga som aldrig ser ut att ta slut

LOS ANGELES: Dessa fantastiska tvillingar.

Daniel och Henrik Sedin fortsätter att nå nya drömmål i karriären.

Med sex poäng tillsammans bidrog de starkt till Vancouvers 5-3-seger borta över topplaget Nashville.

Och nu har Danne också skrivit in sig i den exklusiva 1000-klubben i NHL, där Henke är medlem sedan tidigare.

Daniel Sedin blev i natt den 87:e spelaren i ligans historia att nå milstolpen 1000 poäng.

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Nådde mäktiga milstolpen i natt

LOS ANGELES. Daniel Sedin, 37, skrev svensk hockeyhistoria i NHL i natt, svensk tid.

Med ett mål i powerplay i mitten av den tredje perioden kvitterade han inte bara till 3-3 för Vancouver i bortamötet med Nashville.

Han nådde milstolpen 1000 poäng under NHL-karriären.

– Jag sa före nedsläpp att det vore kul om det var ett mål, som gjorde att jag nådde 1000 poäng, och att vi vann matchen. Kul att det blev så, säger Danne.

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